Tom Zalaski WFRV-TV Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, and Net Worth

Tom Zalaski
Tom Zalaski

Tom Zalaski Biography

Tom Zalaski born Thomas J. Zalaski is a well-known American journalist who currently serves as the Evening News Anchor/Reporter at WFRV-TV CBS Local 5 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States of America. Since the first of the year 1999, he has been employed by this station.

Tom attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, and received both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Journalism from the institution. His master’s degree was in Speech and Broadcasting.

Tom Zalaski Age

Tom was born in Terryville, Connecticut, in the United States, and raised there throughout his childhood. He chooses to keep private details like his date of birth, age, birthday, and zodiac sign, though. On the other hand, he appears to be in his late 70s, which would be consistent with his appearance.

Tom Zalaski Height

Zalaski stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Tom Zalaski WFRV

Evening News Anchor/Reporter at WFRV-TV CBS Local 5 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States of America, where Zalaski currently works. At the age of 25, he moved to Green Bay, assuring himself that he would just remain there for a single year before moving on to the “Big Time.” Now, 42 years later, Tom is aware of the many blessings that have come his way as a result of his decision to remain. Over the course of the previous 42 years, he has had the privilege of being welcomed into the home each evening in order to discuss the happenings of the day that are relevant to everyone.

Over the course of more than 70,000 newscasts, he has had the opportunity to see both the finest and the worst that the world has to offer. Tom is discouraged and appalled by the viciousness that certain people are capable of inflicting upon other people. On a more positive side, he has been inspired by the kindness that people can show to one another as human beings.

Tom began his career in television while he was a student at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. While he was there, he worked as a part-time talk show presenter for PBS, taught broadcast law and history, worked weekends on radio, consulted for a chain of radio stations, emceed monthly live music events, and was even the manager of a mindreader and mentalist!

His first employment after graduating college was at WOWK-TV 13 (ABC) in Huntington. He started out as the person responsible for mixing the chemicals that were used to develop the new film, but he eventually worked his way up through the ranks to become a film editor, producer, reporter, talk show host, and anchor.

Through his production firm, Tom Zalaski Productions, Tom is involved in a number of different projects while he is not working in the television industry. He provides voice-over work as well as on-camera narration for corporate videos, documentaries produced by non-profit organizations, kiosks, museums, and national and regional films. Tom is currently on a nationwide speaking tour, during which he leads seminars for businesses and groups on a variety of themes, including overcoming a phobia of public speaking and maintaining positive relationships with the media. In addition to that, he is in high demand as a professional emcee and after-dinner speaker.

Tom is the author of a number of publications, one of which is titled We Need to Do a Benefit Fundraiser – But How?, How to Manipulate the Media for Fun and Profit, The View From the Blanket, Leave ‘Em Speechless and Classic Rock, Woodstock, and The Bands That Saved Us From the Beatles., The View From The Blanket., How to Manipulate the Media for Fun and Profit.

Tom Zalaski Parents and Siblings

In Terryville, Connecticut, in the United States, Zalaski was brought into the world and raised by his doting parents. Mr. Zalaski and his wife are his parents, and he is their son. When Tom was a child, his parents provided him with the best possible upbringing and sustenance that anyone could wish for. The seasoned anchor has not released any other information regarding his parents or siblings, if he does in fact have any. This is the only piece of information that has been made public regarding his family.

Tom Zalaski Wife

At the present time, Zalaski is a widower. Even though she passed away from cancer on January 13, 1996, at the age of 41, he remained married to Karen G. Zalaski during their whole marriage. Mr. Zalaski works as a news anchor for WFRV-TV CBS Local 5 and calls Green Bay, Wisconsin, his home.

Tom Zalaski Kids

Micheal, who is now 39 years old, is the child that he and his late wife, Karen G. Zalaski, had together. Additionally, Tom is a grandfather.

Tom Zalaski Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth that ranges between $800k – $2 million.

Tom Zalaski Salary

Zalaski acquires annual earnings that range between $ 50,000 and $ 90,000.

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