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Talitha Vickers Profile

Talitha Vickers is an American journalist who worked as an anchor at WXII 12 News in Winston-Salem, North Carolina but left the station in the year 2022 to spend more time with family. Talitha quickly worked her way up from a news intern to a respected anchor. The critical positions in between those roles have laid the foundation for her passion as a journalist.

Talitha Vickers
Talitha Vickers

Talitha Vickers Age

Vickers has not yet revealed her date, month, and year of birth hence information about her age is not available. However, we will update it as soon as it is made available to the public.

Talitha Vickers Husband

Talitha is a married lady but her husband’s name is not known to the public yet. She took a two-week vacation to get married near her parent’s home in Long Island New York. Two months into her marriage her husband was transferred to Kissimmee, Florida and they made the transition work.

In her free time, you can catch Talitha running, reading, playing tennis, canoeing, and sometimes nursing a Nintendo Wii Sports injury. Talitha is currently based in North Carolina where she enjoys spending time with her husband and puppy Sasha.

Talitha Vickers Twins

Anchor On June 23, 2017, Friday morning at 10:09 and 10:11 a.m., respectively, Talitha and her husband received their new newborn twins, a girl and a boy. Talitha and her husband have been blessed with twins. Kyla Lynette and Bohdan Isaiah can hardly wait to become acquainted with the WXII family. In November of 2016, Talitha and her husband made the tough choice to uproot their family and move to a larger news market for Talitha’s profession as an anchor. They felt this would be a better environment in which to grow their children.

Talitha Vickers WXII

At the WXII 12 News station in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Vickers works as an anchor. The citizens of North Carolina wake up to Talitha, a news anchor for the NBC affiliate WXII-TV 12, each and every Saturday and Sunday morning. Kenny Beck is a member of her staff in the station and can be found there.

Talitha has worked as a journalist for the past thirteen years, and throughout that time she has had a variety of positions within the newsroom. She has also put in a lot of hard work to master every aspect of the business, both in front of and behind the camera. She has covered everything throughout the course of her career, from significant national issues to presidential elections and debates, health and entertainment, and everything in between.

She works alongside Kenny Beck, Kimberly Van Scoy, Briana Conner, Brea Love, and Margaret Johnson.

Talitha Vickers MY 9 News in Secaucus

Following her graduation from Monmouth University with high honors, Talitha obtained a position as a field producer at MY 9 News in Secaucus, New Jersey. She participated in interviews, made routine phone calls, and went out on breaking news assignments while she was with the station.

She also worked in the promotions department, where she was responsible for developing content that encouraged viewers to watch the show. Talitha took the initiative to learn how to shoot video, edit video, and create a resume tape after receiving encouragement from New York journalists and news directors. As a result of her efforts, she was offered a position with News 12 the Bronx as a freelance reporter working as a “one-woman band.”

Talitha Vickers WCCB FOX

After being flown out for a two-day interview in Charlotte, North Carolina, Talitha was hired on the spot as an Anchor / Reporter by WCCB FOX Charlotte. The position was offered to her immediately after the interview. Talitha demonstrated her worth to the station as well as the community again, demonstrating that she was an asset to both.

In her capacity as a reporter with general assignments, she used her time outside of the office to participate in events such as seminars and town hall meetings in an effort to provide information that was most relevant to viewers. You might frequently find this eager journalist sitting in edit bays alongside photographers, slowly developing and formulating the implementation of the concept they had worked on together out in the field.

Talitha Vickers FOX 35

After being separated from her spouse for three months, Talitha packed up her belongings and relocated to Orlando, Florida, bringing her résumé DVD along with her. At that time, she had a great deal of faith, and she had her sights set on knocking on the doors of the four stations that were located in the market.

After two months of consistently vigorous banging, we were successful. Within the span of one week, she received job offers from not one but two stations. There was a Reporter and Fill-In Anchor post, as well as a Weekend Anchor/Reporter role, that was up for grabs. The Orlando station FOX 35 has introduced their brand new Weekend Anchor/Reporter.

While she was working at FOX 35, her communication skills improved thanks to the daily live shootings, strict deadlines, attention to correctness and precision, and flow of information from her fingertips to her mouth. It did not go unnoticed that there was a pattern of pitching stories, following through on them, and leading newscasts.

Viewers were enthralled by Talitha’s witty and personable demeanor, as well as her capacity to authoritatively lead weekend newscasts that included both serious and humorous material. The newscast that Talitha and her co-anchor hosted was the one with the greatest ratings at the station. After only nine months on the job, she was given a scheduled shift that changed her position to that of a morning anchor and reporter Monday through Friday.

In addition to accumulating and relaying news from the previous night to viewers watching in the morning, Talitha’s live and packaged reports have also made it into the national news. Talitha was chosen from a group of 15 reporters to work on special projects for promotable stories and sweeps pieces. This selection was made while Talitha was becoming a standout journalist on general tasks handled after anchoring the FOX 35 Morning Show.

The success of the team was also greatly aided by collecting web content. In addition to her everyday chores, Talitha updated news blogs and converted her packages into web formats, and uploaded them online. Talitha saw that it would be useful for her to have a strong online base through social media as technology advanced since it would help her come up with ideas for stories. Additionally, technological advancements occurred in the form of switching to an automated ELC System. This required Talitha to become accustomed to automated cameras and to operate her own prompter while anchoring.