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Serena Altschul Profile

Serena Altschul is a well-known broadcast journalist in the United States. Her work at MTV News and CBS is mostly responsible for her widespread recognition. Serena works as a reporter for the news. She also has acting experience. She has been an active participant in this sector ever since the 1990s. She is currently a well-known figure in the media thanks to her position as a correspondent for CBS.

Since 2013, she has been a regular on the CBS Sunday Morning show. In addition to this, Serena’s work with MTV has contributed to her widespread popularity. She worked for MTV News, where she held the roles of anchor and reporter.

Serena Altschul
Serena Altschul

Most Asked Questions About Serena Altschul

Who is Serena Altschul?

Serena Altschul is a well-known journalist in the United States who works in radio and TV. Most of the people who know who she knows her from her work at MTV News and CBS.

How old is Serena Altschul?

She was born on October 13, 1970, in New York City. She is 51 years old.

How Tall Is Serena Altschul?

Serena stands at an average height of 5ft 7in.

Is Serena Altschul Married?

Serena got married to Arthur Altschul in a private wedding ceremony in 1996, but later her husband passed in the year 2002. Since then she has managed to keep her marital life private. This information will be updated as soon as it is made public.

Where Is Serena Altschul Now?

Serena is a journalist who is currently a well-known figure in the media thanks to her position as a correspondent for CBS.

How Much Does Serena Altschul Make?

She earns an annual salary ranging between $ 0,000 – $ 90,000.

Serena Altschul CBS

In December 2003, Serena was given the position of contributing correspondent for CBS News. She is currently employed at “CBS Sunday Morning” in the role of a contributor.

Prior to that, Serena worked for CNN out of their New York City headquarters (2002-03). During her time there, she was responsible for producing and hosting a one-hour special on the comeback of PCP for “CNN Presents” that aired in November of last year. In addition, she contributed to “NewsNight With Aaron Brown.”

During her time at CNN, Serena went on to work as a reporter and producer for MTV News. She joined the network in 1996 as a contributor to the “Choose or Lose” political awareness program that was being run by the cable network at the time. While working for MTV, Serena covered a wide array of hard news and popular culture stories, including profiles of political leaders and musical icons, among other things.

In addition to that, she was the creator, producer, and host of an hour-long documentary series for MTV called “Breaking it Down.” This is a one-part program that focuses on a specific topic, and some of the concerns that were discussed include gang violence, homelessness among adolescents, and the effects of the drug trade. The series aired for a total of four years, beginning in 1999 and continuing through 2002.

In addition, Serena hosted two episodes of the “True Life” series on MTV, both of which received widespread critical acclaim. The first episode focused on heroin abuse among affluent teenagers in Dallas, and the second episode examined the murder of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay student at the University of Wyoming.

In December 2001, she made a contribution to an issue of the CBS News magazine “48 Hours” that was focused on the growing consumption of and addiction to Oxycontin.

Serena Altschul Age

She was born on October 13, 1970, in New York City. She is 51 years old.

Serena Altschul Height

Serena stands at an average height of 5ft 7in.

Serena Altschul Family

New York City was the location of Altschul’s birth on October 13th, 1970. Her mother, Siri von Reis, is a writer and botanist, and her father, Arthur Altschul, is a member of the Lehman banking dynasty. She is their daughter.

Her mother has a lineage that is half-Finnish and half-Swedish, while her father has Jewish ancestry. Her mother and father were both born in Finland. Following the split of their parents, Serena, then two years old, together with her two siblings, were raised by their mother.

She is the youngest of four children. Her brother, Arthur Goodhart Altschul Jr., was previously married to the journalist Rula Jebreal, and her sister, Emily Altschul, is currently married to the Deputy Commissioner of the New York Police Department who used to be a journalist.

As a result of her father’s first marriage, Serena also has two half-brothers named Charles Altschul and Stephen Altschul, who are both mathematicians. In addition, Serena has a step-brother named Whitney Sudler-Smith as a result of her father’s subsequent marriage to reality television series personality Patricia Dey.

Serena Altschul Husband

When it comes to her private life, it’s important to note that Altschul and actor Cooper Cox are parents to the same child. It was in one of her postings on her Instagram account from 2016 that she disclosed the fact that she and Cooper Cox are the parents of a kid together. The couple appears to have a happy relationship, however, it is unknown whether or not they are married at this time.

Serena Altschul Daughter

Even though Serena is the type of person who does not share a lot of details about her personal life, she has not hidden the fact that she is a mother from the general public. In fact, she has made no secret of the fact that she is a mother and the unconditional love that she has for her child. This has led many people, including us, to wonder who the baby’s biological father is. Is it her boyfriend, with whom she is now in a relationship, or her spouse, to whom she is married?

Serena Altschul Patricia

Patricia Altschul is a well-known American socialite, art collector, and personality on the reality television series Southern Charm. Serena Altschul, who works in broadcast journalism, is Patricia’s daughter.

Serena Altschul And Cooper Cox

On April 17, 2016, Serena posted a photograph to her Instagram account with the description “my lovely babies.” The picture included a father who was carrying a youngster in his arms. There is no other post on her Instagram account that provides evidence to suggest that the man who is carrying the baby is Serena’s husband or that they are married. We have no choice but to presume that they are either married or at the very least engaged.

On the 20th of October 2017, Serena published a picture to her Instagram account depicting her adorable and modest family searching for the ideal pumpkins.

Serena Altschul Salary

She earns an annual salary ranging between $ 0,000 – $ 90,000.

Serena Altschul’s Net Worth

Altschul has an estimated net worth that ranges between $10 million – $ 50 million.

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