Scott Pasmore KTVK CBS, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, And Net Worth

Scott Pasmore
Scott Pasmore

Scott Pasmore Biography

Scott Pasmore is a well-known news anchor for KTVK CBS News in the United States. Pasmore is a journalist. Although Scott spent his boyhood in Kansas, he has a deep affection for the state of Arizona.

After working as a road reporter for the first five years of his tenure at 3TV, he was promoted to the role of anchor a few months after the cancellation of Good Morning Arizona. Since that time, he has always sat in the middle of the work area.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys building and remodeling homes, flying his plane, and spending time with his partner in life, Lauri, and their dog, Rhett. He also enjoys flying his plane. On weekday mornings, Scott should come together with the rest of the Good Morning Arizona family.

Scott Pasmore Age

He was born on July 28 1961 in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. He is currently 62 years of age.

Scott Pasmore Height

He stands at an approximate height of 5ft 5in tall.

Scott Pasmore Family

Scott has not yet revealed any details concerning his family. However, information about his parents and siblings will be updated as soon as possible.

Scott Pasmore Wife

He has been married to Lauri Lane for many years, and the couple is the proud parents of two girls.

Scott Pasmore KTVK CBS News

Pasmore’s 30th remembrance at Arizona’s Family took place on September 18, 2019, a day that he would never forget because of the significance it holds for him personally. He is a very rare case seen across the country of someone who has remained at one station for so long, and he claims that the reason is straightforward: it is actually Arizona’s families.

Over the course of his career, Scott has covered a variety of noteworthy topics, including the Los Angeles riots, for which he was awarded an Emmy. He reported on the preliminary hearing for O.J. Simpson, as well as the bombing in Oklahoma City, and he has been to every area of the country to report on governmental concerns and stories about people letting the cat out of the bag.

His ride through the night on the Harry S. Truman plane when it was transporting a warship over the Atlantic Ocean and his coverage of Arizona mariners working locally available on the transporter was one of his most popular stories.

Additionally, Scott had the privilege of flying an F-16 out of Luke Air Force base as well as an F/A-18 Hornet with the Blue Angels. Scott also had the opportunity to fly with the Thunderbirds. In the same way, he is notorious for being a thrill seeker and for engaging in bizarre behavior while being shown on live TV.

On the morning show Good Morning Arizona, he rode a bull to illustrate his point. Unfortunately, when he was on the ride, he tore the bicep in his arm, and in order to fix it, he needed to have surgery.

Scott Pasmore Net Worth

His estimated net worth ranges between $500,000 and $1 million.

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