Ruth Marcus Bio, Age, Husband, Washington Post and Net Worth

Ruth Marcus Profile

Ruth Marcus is a well-known political analyst in the United States. At the moment, she contributes a column of opinion writing to The Washington Post. In March of 2007, she competed for and came in third place for the Pulitzer Prize in Commentary. She is also a graduate of law school, which is unusual compared to the vast majority of journalists; nonetheless, she decided to pursue a career in journalism rather than working as an attorney after graduating from law school. Politically and intellectually, Ruth aligns herself with the Democratic party, which is known as a liberal party.

Ruth Marcus
Ruth Marcus

Ruth Marcus Age

Ruth was born on May 15, 1958, in Philadelphia. She is 65 years old.

Ruth Marcus Family

Ruth was born in Philadelphia, but she spent much of her childhood in Livingston, New Jersey, with her Jewish family. Both of her parents worked at the pharmacy. Mona Charen, who also writes columns, was Ruth’s classmate in Livingston, and the two have maintained a strong friendship ever since. She received her education at Yale University, where she participated in the school newspaper as a writer.

Ruth Marcus Husband

Ruth is married to Jon Leibowitz, a Democrat who served as the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission in the past. Emma and Julia Rachel are their two kids, and they are the product of their union.

Ruth says that she is “a poster child for work-family balance,” and following the birth of her daughters Emma and Julia, she cut back on the number of hours she worked and even took a year off completely. When Emma was absent from school due to an illness, the school nurse tried to contact Ruth, but a student interjected, saying, “Don’t try the office; she doesn’t go there anymore; she just shops and goes to the gym.” Ruth did not go to the office.

Ruth Marcus Washington Post

After completing her undergraduate degree at Yale, Marcus worked as a writer for the National Law Journal. Her Juris Doctor degree was awarded to her in 1984, much before she enrolled at Harvard Law School.

Ruth began contributing articles to The Washington Post while she was still a student at law school. After she received her degree, she joined the paper full-time.

Ruth has been employed by The Post continuously since 1984. She became a member of the national staff in 1986, and her responsibilities included covering campaign financing, the Justice Department, the Supreme Court, and the White House. Between the years 1999 and 2002, she held the position of deputy national editor, during which time she supervised reporters who covered national subjects such as money and politics, Congress, and the Supreme Court. In 2003, Ruth became a member of the editorial board, and in 2006, she began contributing a piece on a regular basis.

As her “voice” became stronger, she began contributing infrequent essays to the op-ed page of the Post and learned some difficult lessons in the process.

The transition for Ruth to become an editorial writer was not an easy one. She is adamant about the fact that she is not a natural partisan but rather a natural reporter. When it comes to editorial writing, “I didn’t know if I’d be able to pull the trigger” and make the “tough calls” that are required of you. “As a writer of opinions, I was completely unaware that I would eventually find my own voice. It was more or less a spontaneous occurrence.”

Ruth Marcus Net Worth

Her estimated net worth range between $500k-$1 million.