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Richard Engel Profile

Richard Engel is a well-known journalist and author from the United States. He is now serving as the top international reporter for NBC News. After serving as the network’s Middle East correspondent and the chief of the Beirut Bureau for several years, he was promoted to his current role on April 18, 2008. After submitting his report titled “War Zone Diary,” Engel became the first broadcast journalist to ever be awarded the Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism.

He is also fluent in Italian and Spanish, in addition to having excellent Arabic speaking and reading skills. His experiences reporting on the Iraq War from Baghdad were chronicled in the book “A Fist in the Hornet’s Nest,” which Engel penned and published in 2004. His most recent book, And Then All Hell Broke Loose, which was released in 2016, is a memoir chronicling his work as a freelance reporter in the Middle East over the course of twenty years.

Richard Engel
Richard Engel

Most Asked Questions About Richard Engel

Who is Richard Engel?

Richard Engel is a well-known journalist and author from the United States.

How old is Richard Engel?

He is currently 50 years old.

How Tall Is Richard Engel?

Richard stands at an average height of 5 Feet 9 inches.

Is Richard Engel Married?

Engel is currently married to producer Mary Forrest.

Where Is Richard Engel Now?

He is now serving as the top international reporter for NBC News.

How Much Does Richard Engel Make?

Engel’s annual salary at NBC News, where he works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Richard Engel  MSNBC

At the moment, “On Assignment with Richard Engel” is a special series that airs sometimes on MSNBC. On Wednesday, MSNBC made the announcement that it will bring back a series that aired on Sunday nights called “On Assignment with Richard Engel.” Engel is the chief international reporter for NBC News. The first episode of Engel’s new series will air on Sunday night and will feature a one-on-one interview with Stephen Bannon, who formerly served as the chief strategist in the White House. Over the years, Engel has won multiple honors for his reporting from conflict zones.

Bannon, who once served as executive chairman of Breitbart News, has recently been critical of Pope Francis and has advocated for the establishment of an independent tribunal to investigate a wide variety of problems that have been affecting the Catholic church. Bannon is the former executive chairman of Breitbart News.

Richard Engel Age

Richard was born in New York, United States on September 16, 1973. He is currently 50 years old.

Richard Engel Family

Peter and Nina, his wife, are the proud parents of this child. His father held a position as a financier for Goldman Sachs, and his mother worked as the proprietor of an antique shop. Both of his parents are of Jewish descent, although his mother is Swedish.

Richard Engel Height

Richard stands at an average height of 5 Feet 9 inches.

Richard Engel Wife

Mary Forrest, who is also a producer, and Engel have been married since May 2015, when they first tied the knot. The couple now has a son by the name of Henry Thomas Engel, who is a blessing. In his previous marriage, he had been with the woman who had been his undergraduate love. Despite this, they were unable to resolve their disagreements and decided to split in 2005. At the moment, he is doting on his family, which consists of his wife and their newborn son. He maintains very positive connections with each member of his family, and his dating life is also going quite well.

Richard Engel Son

Richard Engel, an American journalist, and his wife were blessed with the birth of their precious son Henry Thomas Engel in 2015, and they couldn’t be happier.

Richard Engel Education

Dyslexia was something he struggled with throughout his life, therefore his academic performance was not very good. Despite this, he was able to conquer the obstacle and proceed with his schooling with much success. Regarding his schooling and credentials, it is important to note that he graduated from Riverdale Country School with his high school diploma. In later years, he attended Stanford University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations in 1996.

Richard Engel Career

In order to establish a strong reputation for himself, Richard began his career in Cairo as a freelance reporter. In Cairo, where he had been living for over four years at the time, he worked as a freelance correspondent. Because of his perseverance and his willingness to put in a lot of effort, WGBH radio station hired him as a correspondent for the Middle East. In the end, he worked as a correspondent for a total of two years, beginning in 2001 and continuing until he left in 2003.

In addition, worked as a news correspondent for the publication “USA Today.” During this time, he also contributed to ABC News in the capacity of a freelance journalist. While he was employed there, he was the genius behind the coverage of the news on the Iraq war, which at the time was a cause of worry on a worldwide scale. As a consequence of his unwavering commitment and consistent effort, he was promoted to the position of Senior Middle East correspondent on the well-known news channel NBC News.

Following that, he covered a great deal of news during the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict in 2006 and prepared a great deal of reports. Later on, after serving for more than two years as a Senior Middle East Correspondent at NBC News, he was eventually given the opportunity to advance to the position of Chief Foreign Correspondent. In addition to that, he reported on the news of the presidential election that took place in Kabul, Afghanistan in the year 2009. When he was reporting on the news during the Libyan Civil War, he was in a dangerous and life-threatening situation due to the nature of his employment. Throughout the entirety of his career, he played an important role in the coverage of key news events such as the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.

He was presented with a number of prestigious honors, including the Emmy Award, the Medill Medal, the George Foster Peabody Award, the Overseas Press Club Award, the Daniel Pearl Award, and many others.

Richard Engel  Book

  • And Then All Hell Broke Loose: Two Decades in the Middle East
  • War journal
  • Defeating ISIS
  • A Fist in the Hornet’s Nest: On the Ground in Baghdad Before, During & After the War

Richard Engel Salary

Engel’s annual salary at NBC News, where he works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Richard Engel’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Richard’s net worth falls somewhere in the range of $700,000 to $2 million. His primary source of financial support comes from his work as a journalist.

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