Paula Ebben Bio, Age, WBZ, Husband, Net Worth and Weight loss

Paula Ebben Profile

Paula Ebben is a well-known journalist in the United States. She had positions at New England Cable News including those of anchor and reporter. In addition to that, she worked as a reporter for WGMC-TV in Worcester. In November 2001, Paula was employed by WGMC-TV Charter Communications in the capacity of a reporter. Paula is employed at both WBZ-TV and CBS Corporation at the moment.

Paula Ebben
Paula Ebben

Paula Ebben Age

Ebben was born on November 9, 1966. She is 57 years old.

Paula Ebben Early Life And Education

During her formative years, she spent most of her time in Shrewsbury. She is the 10th and final sibling to join her brothers and sisters in the world. Paula is a citizen of the United States of America. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English degree from Boston College and finally received her diploma with honors.

Paula Ebben Husband

Ebben met her spouse at Boston College. They both ended up falling in love with one another, and they got married right after they graduated. Both of them were aware that they required a family before she could pursue an outstanding job; this is why she chose to put her career on hold for a number of years in order to focus on raising her children. The happy couple now has a total of four children: two daughters and two sons.

Paula Ebben WBZ

In November of 2001, Ebben started her career in journalism at WGMC-TV Charter Communications, where she worked as a reporter. She worked there for roughly eight months before ultimately accepting a position as an anchor and reporter at New England Cable News. At the moment, she is employed both by WBZ-TV and CBS Corporation.

After contributing to WBZ-coverage TV of the Boston Marathon Bombings, Paula was honored with the Columbia DuPont Award in 2014 and the Peabody Award in 2013 as part of the station’s team.

Paula was selected for multiple nominations for Emmy Awards in the New England region in 2013, including consumer reporter, anchor, and writer. Additionally, in 2015 she was honored with the regional RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Feature coverage. In 2011, she was assigned to report for all CBS stations live from London, England, on the occasion of the Royal Wedding.

Paula Ebben Awards

Paula was recognized with multiple New England Emmy Awards in 2013 for her work as a consumer reporter, an anchor, and for her writing. In 2015, she was also honored with the regional RTNDA Edward R. broadcast journalist Award for Best Feature reporting. She was also selected to report for all CBS stations from the Royal Wedding in London, England in 2011, which took place in the same year.

Paula Ebben Weight Loss

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Paula Ebben Net Worth

Her estimated net worth ranges between $500k – $1 million.