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Mike Nicco Profile

Mike Nicco is a well-known Chief meteorologist in the United States who works for KSHB 41 News. He started working at KSHB 41 in November 2022,

Mike Nicco
Mike Nicco

Mike Nicco Age

Nicco was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He has never disclosed the year, the month, and the date of his birth to the public. His age is not known at this time, but we will provide an update as soon as we can.

Mike Nicco Wife and Kids

Nicco is married to and Barbara. The two are proud parents of two sons. The family owns two cats, one fish, and one frog at their home in the Bay Area. The family are more likely to be found swimming or lounging at the beach, bouncing on trampolines, or riding bikes. Volunteering at their children’s schools is something that Mike and his wife enjoy doing whenever they get the chance. They are a highly busy family that makes the most of everything that the Bay Area has to offer at all times.

Mike Nicco Education

Nicco holds a degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas and the AMS Television Seal of Approval. In addition, he was an AMS Television Seal of Approval winner. He has worked at television stations in Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Minnesota among other places in the United States.

Mike Nicco KSHB

Nicco serves as a chief meteorologist at KSHB since November 2022. He was previously a meteorologist who contributed to the ABC7 Morning News on weekdays. In January of 2007, he started working at ABC7. This day, May 6th, 1975, sticks out in Mike’s memory as a very vivid one. This was the same day that an F4 tornado with winds between 207 and 260 mph tore through the city in which he resides (Omaha, Nebraska). The wailing noises of winds whipping through the trees, the screaming from the other children, and the drapes flying across the room were all things that scared me.

His family rushed to get themselves into a secure position in the basement as quickly as possible. Nicco’s exposure to it was transformative for his professional life, despite the fact that most people found it to be a terrifying experience. His curiosity was peaked when he was six years old, and he set an instant objective of understanding how a tornado could flatten one house to its foundation while not even hitting another house that was just a few feet away. This paved the way for Mike’s development into a scientist.

Nicco creates and presents content that may be used both linearly and digitally. Although he frequently delves into other scientific fields, meteorology is his primary focus. Additionally, he is deeply concerned about the well-being of children and animals. At other times, he wanders off into topics concerning social issues and popular culture. Throughout the course of each year, he contributes his time, as well as raises awareness, takes action, and provides financial assistance to several reputable organizations. His team at KGO-TV, which also included Reggie Aqui, Jessica Castor, and Natasha Zouves, included him as a morning and midday meteorologist for ABC7 Morning News.

Mike Nicco Salary

Nicco’s earnings range between $20k-$80k annually.

Mike Nicco Net Worth

Nicco’s estimated net worth ranges between $900k-$3 million.

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