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Matt Lauer Profile

Matt Lauer is a former American television news anchor. He co-hosted NBC’s, Today Show, from 1997 to 2017 and contributed to Dateline NBC. While working for NBC, he co-hosted the opening ceremonies of many Olympic Games and presided over the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from 1998 to 2017.

Prior to that, he worked as a local talk show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, and Richmond as well as a news anchor for The Today Show from 1994 to 1997. In addition, Lauer anchored PM Magazine (or Evening Magazine from 1980 to 1986) and, in the early 1990s, HBO Entertainment News segments.

In November 2017 after claims of his inappropriate sexual behavior toward a coworker, NBC terminated Lauer’s contract.

In 1997, at the age of 39, Matt graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree. He had previously attended the school’s School of Media Arts and Studies at Scripps College of Communication. He had first left the same college in the spring of 1979.

Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer

Most Asked Questions About Matt Lauer

Who is Matt Lauer?

Former American television news anchor Matt Lauer. From 1997 to 2017, he co-hosted the NBC Today Show and made contributions to Dateline NBC.

How old is Matt Lauer?

On December 30, 1957, Lauer was born, in New York City. He is 63 years of age.

How Tall Is Matt Lauer?

He stands at an average height of 5ft 8in.

Is Matt Lauer Married?

He is married to Dutch model Annette Roque, whom he met in July 1997. The two were married on October 3, 1998, in Water Mill, New York.

How Much Does Matt Lauer Make?

Matt’s annual salary at NBC Today Show News, where he works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Matt Lauer NBC Today Show

While working for WNBC in New York, Lauer’s on-camera presence gave him numerous opportunities with NBC’s national news division. He occasionally stood in for Margaret Larson as the newsreader on The Today Show from 1992 to 1993.

While still serving as co-anchor of Today in New York and Live at Five during this “audition” period, Lauer was able to co-anchor The Today Show full-time beginning in January 1994.

Between 1992 to 1997, he filled in for Ann Curry as the anchor of the NBC News program NBC News at Sunrise and for Scott Simon, Mike Schneider, and Jack Ford as the co-host of Weekend Today.

Additionally, Matt substituted for Tom Brokaw on the NBC Nightly News. Prior to being made the official co-host on January 6, 1997, after Bryant Gumbel stepped down, he served as the Today Show’s news anchor and a stand-in for Gumbel on the Today Show.

He not only performed his duties on The Today Show, but he also presented shows on MSNBC and Discovery Channel.

Where in the World is Matt Lauer?, an annual five-day journey that spanned the world from 1998 to 2009, was launched by Lauer on the Today Show during television sweeps. The theme song for this section was taken from the PBS game show Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? It dispatched Lauer to numerous places all across the globe, where he reported on the significance of each spot.

From places like Bhutan, Easter Island, the Panama Canal, Iran, Hong Kong, Croatia, and the Great Wall of China, Matt has aired.

In 2009, NBC News declared that due to the weak and fragile US economy, the feature will no longer air.

Lauer has conducted interviews that have turned into contentious arguments. During an interview with Tom Cruise in June 2005, Lauer and Cruise got into a disagreement over psychology and postpartum depression. Lauer was labeled “glib” by Cruise. In December 2008, more than three years after the argument, Cruise expressed contrition for his actions and engaged in arm wrestling with Matt Lauer in the same studio.

On June 19, 2007, he conducted interviews with Prince William and Prince Harry. Between 1998 and 2017, Lauer co-hosted NBC’s live coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

He continued the tradition started by his former co-host Katie Couric during the Summer Olympics of 2000 by co-hosting the opening ceremonies of successive Olympic Games. The opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics, the 2010 Winter Olympics, the 2012 Summer Olympics, the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the 2016 Summer Olympics were also co-hosted by Lauer. Bob Costas and Meredith Vieira’s and host Matt Lauer’s analysis of the opening ceremonies for 2012 received harsh criticism for being “ignorant” and “banal.”

He revealed that he had extended his contract with NBC News through 2017 on the program on April 5, 2012. According to a Forbes estimate, Lauer received $25 million per year from the arrangement.

It has been widely believed that Lauer was responsible for executive producer Jim Bell’s “Operation Bambi” to remove co-anchor Ann Curry from The Today Show.

During the first five days of prime-time coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the host of prime-time Bob Costas experienced a serious eye illness. For the sixth day of coverage, Lauer took his place, and from February 11 to February 14, he served as the show’s host.

In November 2015, Lauer moderated an interview with Charlie Sheen in which Sheen confessed to having HIV.

On September 8, 2016, Lauer held separate 30-minute interviews with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. According to The New York Times, the response to Lauer’s performance was “not kind.” Critics claim that Lauer appeared to rush through audience-driven themes like domestic terrorism attacks and veterans’ affairs, hinting that there was not enough time to fully discuss these. Lauer devoted a large portion of the Clinton interview to queries regarding her email server.

Many believed that Lauer should have pressed Trump on his purported errors, such as his claim that he “completely opposed the war in Iraq,” which was referred to as “lies” by other sources. According to CNN, a significant factor in the unfavorable assessments was the brief window of time for the interviews, the short notice with which they were performed, and the tiny number of audience questions.

Matt Lauer Age

On December 30, 1957, Lauer was born, in New York City. He is 63 years of age.

Matt Lauer Family

Matt was created in New York. He is the son of businesswoman Marilyn Lauer (née Gentry) and CEO Jay Robert Lauer from a bicycle manufacturer. In his early years, his parents were divorced.

According to the Finding Our Roots segment of the Today Show, his father was of Romanian Jewish ancestry. Lauer stated: “My father was a Jew. My mother isn’t. I have therefore not raised anything. I am now motivated to look for spirituality. That has something to do with being married and wanting to have children.”

Matt Lauer Height

He stands at an average height of 5ft 8in.

Matt Lauer Wife

Lauer was wed to television producer Nancy Alspaugh from 1982 to 1989. They didn’t have any kids.

He later wed Dutch model Annette Roque, whom he had met in July 1997 on a blind date. After dating Roque for five months, he proposed, and the two were married on October 3, 1998, in Water Mill, New York. Son Jack (born on June 26, 2001), daughter Romy (born on October 2, 2003), and son Thijs are the couple’s three children (born on 28 November 2006).

Matt Lauer Divorce

In January 2018, Lauer and Roque commenced divorce procedures. Their settlement of many million dollars for their divorce is about to be finalized. In their impending divorce, Lauer has agreed to pay Roque, 51, up to $20 million.

Matt Lauer Today

According to a recent story, Lauer is having a difficult time adjusting to life away from the TV cameras but is not considering “making a comeback” or returning to work any time soon.

Since he was ousted from the “Today” show exactly one year ago under a barrage of sexual misconduct charges, he has been keeping a low profile.

Lauer is concentrating on Jack, Romy, and Thijs, his children. While they attempt to formalize their divorce, Roque and his estranged wife Annette still share their 12-bedroom mansion in the Hamptons.

Trump Matt Lauer

President Donald Trump tweeted about the shocking news that NBC News had fired longtime Today show anchor Matt Lauer on the day he was fired, in between “taking care” of North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile launch, slashing corporate taxes, repealing Obamacare, and retweeting anti-Muslim hate speech from a British alt-right figure.

Matt Lauer Affair

On November 29, 2017, NBC News reported that Lauer’s job had ended. This comes after an unnamed female NBC staffer said that Lauer had harassed her sexually both during and after their trip back to New York from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Andrew Lack, the chairman of NBC News, delivered a message to his colleagues that included the following: “We received a thorough allegation on Monday night about Matt Lauer’s inappropriate workplace behavior from a coworker. Although there has never been a complaint about his behavior in the more than 20 years he has been at NBC News, there are some indications that this may not have been a one-off occurrence.”

The fact that Lauer was let go “for cause” precludes him from receiving any kind of financial compensation, according to a network executive. Matt’s contract was supposed to stay in effect through the end of 2018.

The New York Times and Variety were looking into Matt Lauer’s behavior independently, according to NBC News management, but they were not aware of any prior accusations against Lauer.

At least ten of Lauer’s present and past coworkers have made claims, according to Variety. The following days saw the public disclosure of more allegations. From 2000 to 2007, NBC recognized three further incidents.

“Some of what is being stated about me is inaccurate or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these allegations to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed,” Lauer wrote in a statement apologizing for his conduct.

Two weeks later, former Today production assistant Addie Zinone leveled yet another charge against Lauer, claiming that their June 2000 consensual liaison constituted an “abuse of power” on Lauer’s behalf. She claimed that she believed her career would have suffered if she had rejected Lauer’s attempts.

Matt Lauer Tom Cruise

When Tom Cruise entered the stage in 2005, he was promoting his most recent film, War of the Worlds. Tom appeared eager to speak on stage and discuss his future movie, engagement, and opinions on Scientology. People later reveal how odd the interview as a whole really was and all the warning signs they overlooked.

Although the interview took place in 2005, Matt still clearly recalls it. According to Us Weekly, he admitted that it was the most awkward moment of his career with his former co-anchor Meredith Vieira. In the conversation, Cruise exhibits excitement regarding his then-engagement to fellow actress Katie Holmes.

Things start to become bizarre when he also expresses his conviction in Scientology. By the time Cruise repeatedly refers to Lauer as “glib,” everyone was tense.

Matt Lauer Salary

Matt’s annual salary at NBC Today Show News, where he works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

It is estimated that Matt’s net worth falls somewhere in the range of $700,000 to $2 million. His primary source of financial support comes from his work as a journalist.

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