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Kathryn Halvorsen Profile

Kathryn Halvorsen is a well-known journalist in the United States who currently serves as the news anchor for WAOW 9 News. Her love for broadcast newscasting began at a young age when she was growing up in the more rural areas that are located to the northwest of Chicago.

Her mother claims that when she was younger, her daughter preferred watching tales of human interest on the local news rather than shows geared at children. After some time had passed, Kathryn learned that her grandfather had been writing an informative column about wrongdoing for the Chicago Daily News.

She is under the impression that storytelling runs in her family. Kathryn attended Central Michigan University for her undergraduate education and earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism there. There, she was an integral part of a number of transmission associations, one of which being their award-winning news channel, News Channel 34.

After that, she went on to become an intern at News Channel Nebraska, where she covered a variety of topics, ranging from murder investigations to farming concerns to legislative issues. She spent her childhood waterskiing at her grandparents’ lake house close to Minocqua, which is located in Wisconsin, but Kathryn is no longer interested in visiting the state.

Kathryn considers it a stroke of good fortune that she was able to secure employment in Wausau, and she is looking forward to seeing everything that the Badger State has to offer (including watching the Green Bay Packers and exploring countless fishing places with her father).

Kathryn is always interested in hearing what tales you have to tell and what issues are important to the community at large. In addition to that, she is expecting to provide some of her available energy. Connect with Kathryn on Facebook, Twitter, or by sending an email to khalvorsen@waow.com if you have a thought or if you simply need to make proper acquaintance.

Kathryn Halvorsen
Kathryn Halvorsen

Most Asked Questions About Kathryn Halvorsen

Who is Kathryn Halvorsen?

Currently the news anchor for WAOW 9 News, Kathryn Halvorsen is a well-known journalist in the United States.

How old is Kathryn Halvorsen?

Information on her age will be updated as soon as it is made public.

How Tall Is Kathryn Halvorsen?

She stands at an average height of 5ft 7in.

Is Kathryn Halvorsen Married?

Patrick Sage is her husband.

Where Is Kathryn Halvorsen Now?

Kathryn currently serves as the news anchor for WAOW 9 News.

How Much Does Kathryn Halvorsen Make?

Kathryn’s annual salary at WAOW 9 News, where she works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Kathryn Halvorsen WAOW 9 News

In April of 2021, Halvorsen became a member of the News 9 team. She is available on weeknights between the hours of 9:00 and 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Kathryn is coming to us from WPBN in Traverse City, Michigan, where she toiled away as a writer and anchor for a total of two years.

The plot point that she enjoys writing about the most is when ordinary people overcome extraordinary challenges and succeed where others have failed. Kathryn researched a tale that took place in Michigan about a 16-year-old boy who had survived consumption and was at risk of losing his voice if he did not undergo a surgical operation that cost $150,000 and was not covered by insurance.

Following the broadcast of her story, she observed a young man from her community interacting with each other. A GoFundMe page that represents a customer who was involved in an accident raised more money than it initially needed to, and a daring young person was given the opportunity to undergo the treatment that entirely transformed him.

Kathryn Halvorsen Age

Since she has not disclosed the day, month, or year that she was born, there is no information regarding her age that can be obtained. On the other hand, as soon as it is made accessible to the general public, we will revise it.

Kathryn Halvorsen Family

She has not yet divulged any information concerning her family at this time. However, details concerning her family, including her parents and siblings, will be brought up to date as soon as humanly possible.

Kathryn Halvorsen Height

She stands at an average height of 5ft 7in.

Kathryn Halvorsen Husband

Patrick Sage is her husband.

Kathryn Halvorsen Children

She has not yet provided any information about her family, including whether or not she has children. On the other hand, we will make every effort to keep this information as current as possible.

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Kathryn Halvorsen Salary

Kathryn’s annual salary at WAOW 9 News, where she works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Kathryn Halvorsen’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Kathryn’s net worth falls somewhere in the range of $700,000 to $2 million. Her primary source of financial support comes from her work as a journalist.

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