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Jeff Ray
Jeff Ray

Jeff Ray is a well-known American meteorologist and journalist who currently serves as a senior meteorologist for CBS DFW/KTVT in Dallas-Fort Worth. He is employed by both of the stations. Since the month of December 2010, he has been employed by this station.

Jeff completed his schooling at the illustrious University School of Nashville, where he was a member of the inaugural graduating class. He moved back to Texas and enrolled in the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied Communications as an undergraduate student and received his degree. After completing his studies in journalism at the University of Florida, Jeff continued his education at Mississippi State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in broadcast meteorology. In addition to that, he attended the University of Missouri in Kansas City to earn a master’s degree in the field of science education.

Jeff, who was born and raised in Lubbock, Tennessee, in the United States, avoids public discussion of his birthday, age, birthday, and zodiac sign. Jeff was born and raised in the United States. On the other hand, based on his appearance, he appears to be somewhere in his sixties.

Ray stands approximately 5 feet 10  inches.

Ray is a senior meteorologist with CBS DFW/ KTVT in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is located in Texas. In December of 2010, he became a part of CBS 11 and TXA 21. Jeff is the most senior Meteorologist on staff, and he may be seen covering a variety of shifts throughout the week or on the weekend evenings. He also works nights. You will only catch him occasionally while he is covering extreme weather, but you will hear his voice very regularly because he is operating the radar behind the scenes.

Although Jeff was born in Lubbock, he spent the majority of his childhood in Tennessee. He was a member of the very first graduating class at the famous University School of Nashville. Then he went back to Texas to join the University of Texas at Austin, where he obtained an undergraduate degree in Communications. After that, Jeff continued his education by enrolling at the University of Florida to pursue a degree in journalism. He then transferred to Mississippi State University to complete his undergraduate degree in broadcast meteorology. In addition to that, he attended the University of Missouri in Kansas City to earn a master’s degree in the field of science education.

Over the course of more than 35 years, he has worked in broadcasting. Before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, his hometown, he began his career in Gainesville, Florida, and has since worked in West Palm Beach, Knoxville, Jefferson City, and Kansas City in addition to Nashville. When he’s not reporting on the weather, Jeff frequently stops by local schools to give presentations on the science behind the weather. His weekly Gardening 101 series, which airs on CBS11 every Friday and features his passion for gardening, is not to be missed.

Ray was born in Lubbock, Tennessee, in the United States, to two parents who are very devoted to raising their son. When he was a child, his parents provided him with the very best upbringing that was humanly imaginable. Aside from this, Jeff has not divulged a great deal of information about his family, including his parents and any siblings he may have.

Fawn, who practices chiropractic in the Colleyville area, is Ray’s wife. On the other hand, he hasn’t been very forthcoming with details about his wife.

He and his wife have been blessed with two sons whom they both adore. The eldest is currently stationed in Alaska as the chief helmsman on the USCGC Alex Haley in the Bering Sea, while the youngest is finishing up their senior year in high school and has aspirations of working for the Coast Guard as a marine biologist. As soon as trustworthy information is available, their identities will be made public.

Jeff Ray’s Net Worth

Jeff’s estimated net worth ranges between $500k – $1 million.

Jeff Ray Salary

Ray acquires annual earnings that range between $ 105,000, and $ 230, 000.

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