JC Fernandez KLAS-TV Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Net Worth

JC Fernandez
JC Fernandez

JC Fernandez Biography

JC Fernandez is an American host and executive producer who works for KLAS-TV 8NewsNow in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, where he serves as a Co-Host and Co-Host “Mercedes in the Morning” at KMXB/ Mix 94.1. In addition, he is a co-host for “Mercedes in the Morning” at KMXB/ Mix 94.1. He began his career in the media in April 2017 by joining KLAS-TV 8NewsNow. In 1997, he began working for KMXB/Mix 94.1.

It was in 1995 that he made the move to Las Vegas to begin his studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Motel Administration and Management in 1997.

JC Fernandez Age

On August 10th, Fernandez was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Despite this, he has been successful in keeping the information surrounding the year he was born out of the public eye. After he has disclosed this knowledge to the general public, his age will be revised accordingly. On the other hand, he could be in his 30s judging from the way he looks.

JC Fernandez Height

Fernandez stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 9 inches tall.

JC Fernandez KLAS-TV 8NewsNow

Fernandez currently serves as a Co-Host for KLAS-TV 8NewsNow in addition to her role as a Co-Host for “Mercedes in the Morning” on KMXB/Mix 94.1. In addition to this, he had the urge to pursue a career in radio. In August of 1997, he became a member of the team at KMXB/Mix 94.1. Since May 1998, when he first began producing the morning show, JC has been completely enamored with the television industry.

Since the beginning of his career, he has maintained both a professional relationship with Mercedes as well as an extraordinary friendship with her. He takes great pride in his role as co-host of “Mercedes in the Morning” on KMXB/Mix 94.1. In January of 2001, he parted ways with BS Radio / KMXB-FM Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas and traveled to the metropolitan area surrounding Washington, D.C., where he took a job as the executive producer for Bonneville International. After that, he parted ways with the company in November 2005 and rejoined KMXB/Mix 94.1 before moving on to KLAS-TV 8NewsNow.

Because he considers Las Vegas to be his permanent residence, he has developed a deep appreciation for the wonderful residents of the valley. He considers those who listen to him and watch him to be members of his extended family, and he takes great pleasure in meeting them. JC’s interests outside of the radio and television station include hanging out at the stable with the horses, eating sushi, watching the WWE, going to the gym, and shopping at Fashion Show Mall.

JC Fernandez Parents and Siblings

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the place where Fernandez was both born and raised. The twentieth of July is the day that his mother honors her birthday. In addition, he is the uncle of a man named John Patrick who is his nephew. Despite this, he is successful in keeping private details about his family, including the identities of his parents and the number and gender of his siblings. The information on his family will be brought up to date as soon as it is available.

JC Fernandez Spouse

Since 2007, Fernandez and his wife Laura have been living together in wedded bliss. Laura enjoys riding horses, hunting, and jumping. JC is a caring and supportive husband to his horse.

JC Fernandez Kids

Zoey, a Chihuahua weighing only 4 pounds, Jax, an Australian Cattle Dog, and Contact, a horse, make Fernandez and Laura proud and blessed parents of three children. Contact is the largest of the three. However, he is successful in keeping details of his children from being disclosed to the public. On the other hand, whenever more information becomes available, we will provide an update regarding his children.

JC Fernandez Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth that ranges between $500k – $1 million.

How Much Does JC Fernandez Earn?

Fernandez receives annual earnings that range between $45,000 and $100,000.

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