Erin Napier HGTV Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, and Net Worth

Erin Napier
Erin Napier

Erin Napier Biography

Erin Napier is a well-known artist, graphic designer, author, and TV personality from the United States. She is most known for her appearances on the show “Home Town” on HGTV, which she co-hosts with her husband, Ben Napier. Since 2016, she and her husband Ben have been engaged in the business of renovating houses in Laurel, Mississippi.

Prior to establishing her own multinational stationery firm, Lucky Luxe, Napier began her professional career working as a graphic designer for corporations. Six days after they first met in college, she and her better half, Ben, came to the decision that they would get married. Since then, they have been inseparable, working side by side in every endeavor that has been attempted.

In their companies, Laurel Mercantile Co., where they design and manufacture heirloom wares and durable goods made exclusively in the United States, and Scotsman Co., Ben’s Woodshop, where he builds wood products and fine furnishings using reclaimed materials, their passion for American craftsmanship and the revitalization of small towns is clear. Numerous magazines, such as Country Living, Southern Living, People, and Cowboys and Indians, have featured Napiers on the cover of their publications. They were also included in Fortune magazine’s list of the 50 greatest leaders in 2021.

Erin pursued her education by enrolling in the Graphic Design program at Jones County Junior College in Mississippi, from which she ultimately earned a bachelor’s degree. In later years, she discovers that reality television is her true calling.

Erin Napier Age

Napier is 38 years old. On August 30, 1985, she was born in the state of Mississippi, which is located in the United States. Her birthday is on August 30th, which corresponds to the Virgo zodiac sign, and she has always been an extremely meticulous person.

Erin Napier Height

Napier stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Erin Napier HGTV

Erin Napier is a well-known graphic designer who rose to fame after making an appearance on the show “Home Town” on HGTV alongside her husband, Ben Napier. Since 2016, she and her husband Ben have been engaged in the business of renovating houses in Laurel, Mississippi. The popularity of the show on HGTV has led to the creation of other spinoffs, such as Home Town Kickstart and Home Town Takeover.

Erin Napier Books

She and her husband Ben have a book called Make Something Good Today that has been a New York Times best-seller, and in 2022, she authored her first book for children called The Lantern House.

Erin Napier Illness

A perforated appendix was identified as the underlying cause of the exceedingly unusual disease while the patient was undergoing a second operation. Over the course of several years, the organ had repeatedly ruptured before successfully repairing itself. “When it happened for the first time when she was 19 years old, it just partially burst.

Erin Napier Parents and Siblings

Mississippi, located in the United States, is where Napier was both born and nurtured by her loving parents. She was raised with her brother, whose name is Clark Rasberry, throughout her childhood. The graphic designer has not divulged very much additional information about her parents, other than this one fact.

Erin Napier Husband

Napier is married to Ben Napier. After Erin conducted an interview with Ben for the school newspaper, the two were introduced for the first time in college. Erin and her husband first became romantically involved in 2008, and they wed the following year. She and her significant other, Ben Napier, are working hard to create a happy and fulfilling life together when they are not working on their hit show Home Town, which involves rebuilding fantasy homes. In addition to their two kids, she and her husband and children all make their home in Laurel, Mississippi.

Erin Napier Kids

Helen and Mae are the names of the young daughters that she and her husband are proud parents of. Mae was born in 2021, and Helen in 2018. Both of their birthdays are in the year 2018.

Erin Napier Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth that ranges between $1 million – $4 million.

Erin Napier Salary

Napier acquires annual earnings that range between $ 90, 000, and $ 200,200.

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