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Dana Jacobson Profile

Dana Jacobson is a journalist from the United States who has won numerous awards. She works for CBS News as both a host and a correspondent. At the moment, she is working as a co-host for the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning. It was in July of 2018 when she first participated in the broadcast. Additionally, Dana works for CBS Sports and CBS SportsNetwork as a reporter and anchor.

Jacobson started working for CBS SportsNetwork in 2013, and then two years later, in 2015, she began working for CBS News. Prior to that, Dana worked for ESPN from the year 2002 till the year 2012.

In March of 2005, she was given the role of co-host on Cold Pizza, and she continued in that role when the show was rebranded as ESPN First Take. Jacobson made the announcement on Monday, December 26, 2011, that the upcoming Friday, December 30, 2011, would be her last day working on “First Take.”

Soon after that, she resumed her previous role as an anchor on SportsCenter. The news that Jacobson will be leaving ESPN after her contract expired at the end of April was first published by USA Today on March 27, 2012. Her last day at ESPN was Monday, April 30, 2012, when she hosted the SportsCenter broadcast from 6 to 8 p.m. Eastern Time (ET).

Dana and Michelle Miller, who has been a correspondent for CBS for a very long time, were announced to be the new co-hosts of the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning on July 13, 2018.

Dana Jacobson
Dana Jacobson

Most Asked Questions About Dana Jacobson

Who is Dana Jacobson?

Dana Jacobson is an American journalist who has won a number of awards. She is both a host and a correspondent for CBS News.

How old is Dana Jacobson?

Jacobson is currently 51 years old and was born on November 5th, 1971 in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, into a Jewish family. She is of Michigan origin.

How Tall Is Dana Jacobson?

She stands at an average height of 5 ft 10.

Is Dana Jacobson Married?

Dana is married to David Grande. He is well-recognized for his role as the broadcaster for the Boston Celtics

Where Is Dana Jacobson Now?

Dana is a journalist who currently works as a host and correspondent for CBS News.

How Much Does Dana Jacobson Make?

Dana’s annual salary at CBS News, where she works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Dana Jacobson CBS News

Dana is one of the hosts of the Saturday edition of “CBS This Morning.” It was in July of 2018 when she first participated in the broadcast. In 2015, Dana, a journalist who has won multiple awards, began contributing to programs shown on CBS News. Dana has filled in as an anchor for “CBS This Morning” and “CBS This Morning: Saturday.” She has also anchored for CBSN, the round-the-clock digital streaming news network that is owned and operated by CBS News.

Jacobson has covered a wide range of topics during her time at CBS News, including the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the ongoing investigation and aftermath of sexual abuse charges against former U.S. gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, the attempts of two men to climb Mount Everest, and a profile of parents biking across the country to support Gold Star families.

When Dana joined the CBS Sports Network in 2013 as a studio host for “Inside College Football” and “Inside College Basketball,” she became a member of the CBS family and has been with the company ever since. In addition to that, Dana has worked as a sideline reporter for the NCAA tournament every year since 2015 and has been a reporter for “The NFL Today.”

Dana has a history of working as an anchor for ESPN programs such as “SportsCenter” and “ESPN First Take.” She also worked as a reporter for ESPN’s coverage of the National Basketball Association and was a member of the network’s on-air team for the summer and winter X Games.

Dana began her career in television by working as an assignment editor for the local CBS affiliate in Detroit, Michigan, which is where she grew up. She then shifted her concentration to on-air reporting and anchoring in Traverse City, Michigan, and Sacramento, California, where she was recognized with both the National Headliner Award and the Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for sports reporting.

Dana Jacobson Age

Jacobson is currently 51 years old and was born on November 5th, 1971 in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, into a Jewish family. She is of Michigan origin.

Dana Jacobson Height

She stands at an average height of 5 ft 10.

Dana Jacobson Husband

Sean David Grande is an American sportscaster that works in both television and radio, and Dana is married to him. He is well-recognized for his role as the broadcaster for the Boston Celtics. But during the course of his 25-year career, he has called practically every sport. Alongside commentator Cedric Maxwell, Grande calls all of the action for all of the Boston Celtics radio broadcasts.

Dana Jacobson Feet

When Dana is only wearing a bikini, her legs seem very stunning. Her large legs are very lovely when she is dressed casually, and they look even more alluring when she is wearing high heels. If Dana wants to show off her legs, she should wear a dress rather than pants because of her ample and voluptuous behind.

Dana Jacobson Suspended

It was reported on Friday, January 25, 2008, that Dana, the co-host of the morning sports talk program “EPSN First Take,” had been suspended by the network for one week as a result of comments she made during a roast held on January 11 for fellow ESPN personalities Mike Green Berge and Mike Golic. The roast was held in honor of Mike Golic and Mike Green Berge.

Her suspension follows the receipt of criticism from a number of Catholic advocacy groups, which led to the criticism. Jacobson is claimed to have appeared on stage at the event, which was not broadcast on television, while under the influence of alcohol and uttered the phrases “Fuck Notre Dame,” “Fuck Touchdown Jesus,” and “Fuck Jesus” while drinking from a bottle of Belvedere Vodka.

Both Dana, a graduate of the University of Michigan, and Golic, a former football player for Notre Dame, have taken jabs at each other throughout the years regarding the intense competition that exists between the two schools.

Dana Jacobson Mike Greenberg

While Mike and Mike were holding their heads in their hands out of humiliation, Jacobson made a complete fool of herself by drinking vodka from a bottle of Belvedere, rambling along and cursing like a sailor while she did so. After she received jeers from the audience, Griffin stepped up to the microphone to defend her. In the end, Ross was the one who had to get her off the stage.

Dana Jacobson’s Net Worth

CBS’s correspondent and sportscaster Dana has been really successful till now, she has an estimated net worth that ranges between $1 million – $5 million dollars and also receives a huge salary from CBS.

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