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Catherine Silver is an American journalist who currently works for WKMG CBS News as a news reporter. She was born and raised in New York. Her narrative begins with her recollections of her upbringing in Orlando, the city in which she first discovered a passion for music composition.

At a young age, when she was just nine years old, her art was published in a book. Clearly, it had an effect, and her love for storytelling blossomed into what is now a career that has also brought her on a wonderful journey throughout the country. This experience also inspired her to write a book.

Catherine started her career as a newscaster in the state of Florida, which is where she grew up and is also where she currently resides. She worked at NBC 6 South Florida in Miami during the late spring of the year that she was a student at Florida State College. There, she assisted an outstanding group of analytical writers in sharing key local stories that had an effect on the community that they served.

Her calling to become a columnist was strengthened as a result of the work that they could do for their community if they choose to do so. Therefore, in 2014, she purchased some winter apparel, such as coats and boots, and relocated to Minnesota, where she was eager to begin her career at KAWE Lakeland News, which is a station that is claimed by PBS.

Before she joined the KSNB NBC Nebraska group in 2015, she worked there as a fill-in anchor and columnist for the evening programs. Catherine enjoys spending time with her friends, going to the movies, and listening to music in her spare time. She also enjoys going to the theater.

In addition to this, she is always up for going to a new place, experiencing something completely out of her comfort zone, and meeting interesting new people.

Catherine Silver
Catherine Silver

Most Asked Questions About Catherine Silver

Who is Catherine Silver?

Catherine Silver is an American journalist who presently serves as a news reporter for WKMG CBS News. She was born in New York and reared there.

How old is Catherine Silver?

Information regarding her age will be updated as soon as it is made public.

How Tall Is Catherine Silver?

She stands at an average height of 5ft 6in.

Is Catherine Silver Married?

Information regarding her marital status will be updated as soon as it is made public.

Where Is Catherine Silver Now?

Catherine currently works for WKMG CBS News as a news reporter.

How Much Does Catherine Silver Make?

Cathrine’s annual salary at WKMG CBS News, where she works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Catherine Silver WKMG CBS News

Catherine moved back to her old neighborhood on the coast of the sea in April 2022, and on her way there from the mountains of Colorado, she decided to apply for a job as a correspondent with the News 6 organization.

In 2017, she made a beeline for the mountains, and she eventually settled in Colorado Springs, where she worked as a lead journalist and an end-of-the-week anchor for almost five years. She left those positions in 2017.

She covered topics from all around the state of Colorado when she was there, including high-profile court disputes, out-of-control fires, and the tragic mass shooting at a Stone shop.

Catherine’s travels to other states, including Minnesota, Nebraska, and Colorado, as well as her current location in Florida, have taught her that everyone has a story to tell and that even the most mundane of moments may have an impact on each of us.

On WKMG News 6, she cannot wait to talk about the recent happenings in her former neighborhood. In addition, she mentions that she is simply looking forward to experiencing the snow once more as an extended vacation.

Catherine Silver Age

Since she has not disclosed the day, month, or year that she was born, there is no information regarding her age that can be obtained. On the other hand, as soon as it is made accessible to the general public, we will revise it.

Catherine Silver Family

She has not yet divulged any information concerning her family at this time. However, details concerning her family, including her parents and siblings, will be brought up to date as soon as humanly possible.

Catherine Silver Height

She stands at an average height of 5ft 6in.

Catherine Silver Husband

She’s a married woman. As soon as feasible, information about her husband will be updated.

Catherine Silver Children

She has not yet provided any information about her family, including whether or not she has children. On the other hand, we will make every effort to keep this information as current as possible.

Catherine Silver Salary

Cathrine’s annual salary at WKMG CBS News, where she works as a journalist, falls somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $90,000 on average.

Catherine Silver’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Catherine’s net worth falls somewhere in the range of $700,000 to $2 million. Her primary source of financial support comes from her work as a journalist.

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