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Brian Corsetti Profile

Brian Corsetti is a well-known television personality and producer in the United States. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Behind the Scene, A Celebrity Sports Invitational, The Great Ride, and The List are just a few of the many A-rated shows and events that he hosted. Corsetti Cruisers, the name of his own automobile brand, helped him get a lot of notoriety as well. In his career, Brian earned the Emmy Award for Best Talent and the Emmy Award for Best TV Host in the years 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Brian Corsetti
Brian Corsetti

Brian Corsetti Age

Brian was born on June 21, 1980, in St. Petersburg, FL, USA. He is a 43-year-old.

Brian Corsetti Education

St. Petersburg, Florida was Brian’s home throughout his childhood. He earned his degree from Hunter College, which is located in New York City. While he was still a student, he began his professional life by working on the radio show hosted by Ron and Fez at WNEW in New York City (2002 – 2003). In addition, Brian made an appearance on The Opie and Anthony Show in the year 2003. Subsequently, Brian worked alongside music producer Matt Serletic at Virgin Records in both New York City and London.

Brian Corsetti Wife

It is possible that Brian does not have a romantic partner. Prior to their divorce, he was married to the well-known television broadcaster Candace Bailey. The couple was over heels in love when they made the decision to exchange wedding vows on October 22, 2011. They had a strong connection with one another in the early years of their marriage, but in 2014, owing to various personal circumstances, they made the decision to divorce and go their own ways.

Brian Corsetti Vita-Coco

After he graduated, he joined the team of a new company called Vita-Coco, where he worked as the Vice President of West Coast Sales and put his skills in public speaking to use. While working there, he honed his skills in the areas of business growth, creative branding, and entrepreneurship. After three years of successfully building the coconut water brand, he was asked to be a part of another start-up team at a boutique marketing company working with Fortune 50 companies such as GAP, Motorola, and Nintendo. This opportunity presented itself after he had been successful in building the brand of coconut water.

Brian Corsetti Corsetti Cruisers

In 2017, Brain introduced his own automobile brand, which he called Corsetti Cruisers. Simply for enjoyment, he gives a number of vintage Toyota Land Cruiser 60 series trucks a complete restoration. The ancient Land Cruiser FJ60 and FJ62, as well as the Toyota Land Cruiser, are both among the vehicle models that this business repairs.

Brian Corsetti TV Shows

After gaining experience in experiential marketing, Brian went on to host, create, and package several television shows. His first job was hosting an extreme sports show called The Dew Report, in which he toured all over the United States in pursuit of the most extreme activity there is. The show consisted of six episodes. After that, he became the host of his own show on the DIY Network called Garage Mahal. On the show, he and his co-host, the professional wrestler Bill Goldberg, gave ordinary garages a makeover. After that, he earned a number of honors for his hosting of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Behind the Scene Coverage on CBS.

When Brian hosted A Celebrity Sports Invitational in Banff, Canada, and one in Jamaica for NBC in 2010, he was joined on stage by Alec Baldwin, John O’Hurley, and Robert Kennedy Jr.

During the year 2011, he participated in the FOX Sports show The Great Trip as both an executive producer and a television host. In this role, he was responsible for scouring the United States in quest of the best possible motorcycle ride.

Other shows include Hollyscoop on FOX, which is an entertainment show; “ENTV,” which is broadcast on ION Television, Yahoo, and AOL; and THE LIST, which is a show that is syndicated nationally.

Brian Corsetti Net Worth

Brian’s net worth lies between $100,000-$700,000. He earned his fortune from his career as a television personality and producer. In addition, the average salary of a producer is $91,100 and that of a television host is $55,593 annually.