Bill Mitchell (Journalist) Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, WDEF, Family and Net Worth

Bill Mitchell Biography

Bill Mitchell is a well-known journalist in the United States. In 1997, he became a member of the News 12 Now-WDEF staff. He spent the previous 22 years as the principal anchor and News Director at KDBC-TV in El Paso, Texas, before making the move to News 12. Before he started working for KDBC, he held the position of Senior Vice President and Station Manager at KZIA-TV in Las Cruces, which is located in the state of New Mexico.

Bill Mitchell
Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell Age

Bill has not yet revealed his date, month, and year of birth hence information about his age is not available. However, we will update it as soon as it is made available to the public.

Bill Mitchell Wife

Bill is a devoted husband to his wife. Bill and his wife were overjoyed to go back to Tennessee and be closer to their childhood home of Nashville when he accepted a position at News 12 Now. Bill’s favorite things to do while he’s not at work include tinkering with vehicles and computers, playing the guitar, and doing some light carpentry. Bill is another person who appreciates going on vacation to Hawaii.

Bill Mitchell News 12 Now- WDEF

Bill joined the station in 1997. He came to News 12 from KDBC-TV in El Paso, Texas where he was News Director and main anchor for 22 years. Prior to joining KDBC, he was the Senior Vice President and Station Manager at KZIA-TV in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Some of its current news anchors include Ashley Henderson senior /special Correspondent, Dorothy Sherman who is an anchor and reporter, Emily Cassulo who is an anchor and reporter she can be seen weeknights on News 12 Now at 6 and Prime News at 7 with John Mercer, Kay Blevins who is an anchor and reporter and Robyn Estabrook who is a Multimedia journalist.

Bill Mitchell Donald Trump

In 2016, Mitchell achieved internet fame for his ardent defenses of President Donald Trump that made him a caricature of the far-right, mocked by liberals and applauded by conservatives. Trump himself has retweeted Mitchell at least twice. That year, Mitchell was named 26th on a list of Twitter’s biggest election influencers by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab.

Bill, who visited the White House in July 2019 as one of the right-wing personalities invited to Trump’s “Social Media Summit,” also claimed that Miami, rather than the capital of the United States, will be a much better place for him to cover the 2020 presidential race.

Bill Mitchell Donations

Bill, Trump superfan is in hot water with his fans, after raising nearly $15,000 to move to Washington, D.C. to improve his online video show and then taking the cash and moving to Miami instead. Bill, a vocal promoter of the QAnon conspiracy theory who became internet-famous in 2016 for his ardent, sometimes-cult-like Twitter defenses of Donald Trump, claimed in May 2019 that he wanted to move his online video show “Your Voice America” to a top-of-the-line studio in the nation’s capital.

He said the move to D.C. from his studio in Palm Beach, Florida would give him and his viewers access to senators, congressmen, and other assorted “movers and shakers.” He said he planned to make the trek within 90 days of May 5, 2019. But first, he needed to raise money to pay for the studio.

“All that stuff is very expensive, and if you want it, there’s a couple of ways you can do it,” Mitchell said on his show, before plugging a GoFundMe page to help raise $15,000 for his move. Mitchell also frequently discussed his move to Washington and the fundraising page on Twitter, claiming it would put him closer to “all my political friends.”

After asking his followers for $15,000 on a GoFundMe page purportedly to move his YourVoice America program from Palm Beach, Florida, to Washington, D.C., he relocated to Miami instead, and no one seems to know where the money went.

On Saturday, August 10, 2019, his fans began to get suspicious when he tweeted a picture of a Miami apartment complex that he described as “my new Miami home!” and when the Miami New Times reported that he had moved to the city. And now Mitchell’s fans and other right-wing personalities are starting to ask what that money was for in the first place.

The surprise switch to Miami and the fate of the $14,280 also caught the eye of Mindy Robinson, an actress who has promoted herself as a hyper-patriotic Trump fan. “Seriously, I hate that I have to call out another conservative pundit, but you’ve gone off the rails on both the cause and your morals,” Robinson tweeted at Mitchell.

Bill didn’t respond to requests for comment. But he announced in August 2019 that he was taking a position at, a little-known search engine based in Miami whose CEO, Richard Granville, has frequently courted conservative personalities like Mitchell. Bill has also been waging war on his haters on Twitter, arguing that he’s moving to Miami in part because it has better weather than Washington.

Bill Mitchell Net Worth

His estimated net worth ranges between $500k – $1 million.